Thursday, April 9, 2009

little to win, but nothin' to loose

So i want to begin by saying that i always start things with the best of intentions. Always. Its like my own little personal motto. If i dont i feel weird and everything usually goes to shit fairly quickly.

Over the last few days i've been trying to think of something to write. Sunday's little gem came to me during the afternoon haze in my friends backyard, well, you know the rest. But this week, nothin', zip, nada. Its like my brain has been in the clouds all week long. And everything i find online that im stoked on is already everywhere and of no real relevance anymore. Are my investigative skills that lame? God i hope not or im going to waste a lot of pretend people time.... (Apart from you Snowpea. Mwah!)

I think this funk has come from the situation im in right now. Im basically killing time at a place i've mentally checked out from. My old job. However, i still have just over 2 more weeks to go on my agreement.

At the start i thought i'd be able to handle it (there is that best of intentions ref), ya'know, make the most of the time i have left there, after all the people there are pretty rad and we all get along great. But now, to be honest, its just getting tedious. Im not really interested in what's going on. It's difficult trying to focus on the future when you are stuck in a stagnant now. Its seems as though all my good vibes from last week have been soaked up by a place that doesn't warrant them anymore and its starting to bug me....

But, nothing can be done about it right now. Its feeding my ability to have fun for the last few weeks im in America. Which is awesome....

Anyways tomorrow is FRIDAY so the weekend draws near. Time to release. Yay!

Hopefully a good candle burning will spark the mind....

Happy Easter Y'all.

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