Saturday, April 4, 2009

beauty bar, is well, a beauty

So last night i got home from work, almost fell asleep watching the woes of the world on CNN and ate. The last thing i thought i would be doing would be going to a bar in El Cajon...

But, thats how we do things these days, with only a limited time left here in California its time to throw off the shackles of reason and just go with the flow. And im glad i did.

I found the most amazing bar last night. The Beauty Bar. Now, upon further investigation this place is not an anomaly, which takes a little of the uniqueness and originality from it but, dang, what a fun place to go. The place is basically an old hair salon converted into a bar. But not just any kind of salon. Im talking about 50's style. Like the massive dome hair perm thingo's, checkered floors, chairs with ash trays in them, the works.... I wish i had taken my camera, but it was out of batteries. Rookie error. 

We where there seeing one of my good mates play in his band Dynamite Walls and a pre-birthday bash for his girlfriend. 

My friends, i wish i could tell you more but, and i wish what i just wrote had made more sense but my head hurts really bad and, guess what, i got a party to go to! 

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