Thursday, August 21, 2008

Florida, the Sunshine State?

I originally heard good things. It'll be hot, muggy, sweaty, stinky, but above all, interesting.

I flew into Orlando with a breath of optimism after a wonderful 2 and a half hour delay courtesy of San Diego Airport (I cant get too antsy at this, it's my first one in ages) and a quick 10 minute dash across the terminal at Denver to make sure i got my connecting flight.

15 minutes from landing the captain of the plane's loud booming voice interrupts my moment of zen watching Posh and Becks THS (that's True Hollywood Story for those not in the loop) telling us to strap ourselves in for a bumpy landing as its has just been received that Tropical Storm Fay (lets call her Fayzie for short), has parked herself just south of Orlando.

"Brilliant!" I thought, turbulence doesn't particularly bother me too much, but i was just about to find out what happened when Posh and Becks moved to Real Madrid.... Oh well, i think i got the jist of what happens..

So it ends up being a pretty sweet landing, no real tooing of froing to be done and i get off into the fresh, muggy, stinky, humid air of Orlando, ready to face tomorrow. My thoughts now turn to getting my hire car, a couple of beers, some food and i was sure that the USA would be competing in some event at the Olympics.

I roll into my 'deluxe' suite at the world renouned Holiday Inn, whack on the tube and what do I see, Fayzie! 50 channels, all repeating the same regurgled information that did not fair well for yours trully. "Avoid heading south" was the call. Sweet, because that was the direction i was indeed heading the next day. Melbourne and Satellite Beach, stop 1 and 2 tomorrow....