Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mind Blanks....

Dont you just fucking hate mind blanks... They always spring there ugly little feet at the most inappropriate times. Like now. Like right now. Shit has gotta be done, time really is of the essence. So here i am, 4 hours in and 4 grande coffees down trying to get my creative freak on and what do I have to show. Nothing. Absolutely fucking zip. 

Procrastination has become a key ingredient. Plus trying to think of every single website I haven't visited in a week, just to make sure there isn't anything new that i've missed. I've flipped twice through every magazine i have in the 3m radius that is my cubicle in the concrete compound that happens to be my life right now.

Music, music could help, but fuck, what to listen to. Not in the mood for loud stuff, think the caffeine migt be starting to wear off, but seriously i feel like i'll have a heart attack if i go again... Argh!!!!!! It's so annoying. Iggy will do for now.

2 hours till deadline.....

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